I am slightly obsessed with the show Parenthood. The obsession started last year and it has only grown. I just love it! It is so relate-able and wonderful and aghhhh it's just the best! I really don't have time to watch shows regularly, but I make time for this one (and Once Upon a Time) every single week.

Parenthood is a very...emotional show. Every episode makes me laugh and cry. My roommates always know when I watch it because I come out of my room with tears. I have begged all semester for someone else to watch it so I'd have someone to talk to about it. I needed someone to feel the deep emotional connection I feel with the characters. My roommates were always willing to listen to me tell them every detail of every episode, but no one would watch it - until last night.

FINALLY my roommates decided to watch Parenthood with me. Oh, and it gets better. They wanted to start with the very first episode. Which means we are having Parenthood marathons every night to catch them up! We will probably never sleep or do homework again, but I am soooooo excited. Yay Parenthood! Yay best roommates ever!


  1. I LOVE that show, too. It's amazing--kind of like you! :)


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