R.I.P. teen years

On October 6, 2012, my teenage years came to an end. That's right, I'm twenty. Weird, huh?

For (at least) the week leading up to my birthday, I reminded everyone every time I did something for the last time as a teenager. This is my last Monday as a teenager. This is my last Tuesday as a teenager. This is my last class as a teenager. Last test, last paper, last FHE, last time going to church, last time falling asleep, last time waking up, etc. as a teenager. My roommates thought it was REAL funny (Haha, just kidding they thought it was annoying. But they love me anyway).

When the big day finally came, I took off work and celebrated in true adult style: I watched General Conference. President Monson made the big missionary announcement about lower missionary ages...maybe I should just do a whole blog post on that alone. I think I will. We'll skip that for now. Between conference sessions Stacey, Kevin and Alan came over to sing me a fabulous song they wrote for my birthday. 

Aren't they the greatest?

After they sang to us, we kicked the boys out (not really, they knew before they came over that we were about to leave) and went to In-and-Out in our PJ's for lunch. So yummy! When we got back home, Stacey, Kevin and Stuart came over to watch the afternoon session of conference. Conference was so good this year. AH! But I'm doing a GenCon blog post so I need to stop talking about it in my birthday post. Okay, so the boys came over. Hahahahaha, Chloe painted Stacey's toe nail bright pink. He didn't notice until after it dried. Pahahaha it was super funny. Anyway, the boys stayed to watch Studio C with us after conference was over. Studio C is the new Divine Comedy TV show on BYUTV. Stacey is in Divine Comedy, so obviously it was great.

Greta made me a HOMEMADE from scratch chocolate cake for my birthday. It was so good. We had some people over and it quickly turned into a dance party. I really should have videoed it. My pals have some hilarious, er I mean...really good, dance moves.

Basically, my birthday was super wonderful. Now I enter the most life eternity changing decade yet. A decade that will be full of decisions and learning experiences. Here's to the roaring twenties!


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