Xaapk and Qhayt

Meet Xaapk (pronounced Zack) and Qhayt (pronounced Cat). They are our apartment pets/produce. Xaapk was left on our doorstep. Poor lil baby zucchini. Well, maybe not so little... Haha, we were ding dong ditched and they left Xaapk behind, so we took him in and gave him a home. We dread the day Xaapk will be made into zucchini bread (but secretly look forward to the yummy deliciousness).

We took our pets to visit some of the boys in our ward and ended up at Apt.21 playing Richard's video game he made in high school. It was pretty intense. They put it on the big projector and we played for an embarrassingly long time. Who knew we were secret gaming nerds? 

In completely unrelated news, I am at work and an old man (I think he may have been mentally handicapped) came up to the desk to ask a question. Then he told me I am a very pretty young lady. He asked if I had a boyfriend, but made sure I knew he wasn't hitting on me because he is probably old enough to be my dad. He said it was very surprising that I don't have a boyfriend because I'm just so pretty. He said a boy would be lucky to have me. He then proceeded to tell me I'm pretty again. And again as he walked away. I should have told him that I have two boyfriends - Willy James and Alfonso. Luckiest Ken dolls ever? Yeah, I'd say so.

***NOTE: I wrote this post almost a week ago but never posted it...oops. Xaapk is no longer with us. R.I.P. Xaapk. I loved him almost as much as I love zucchini  bread. Almost. Obviously not as much or he would probably still be sitting in the kitchen.


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