Kissing Rugby

Oh yes, you read that right: kissing rugbyRules: one person sits in the middle of the room. A person of the same gender guards the sitting person. A person of the opposite gender tries to get through the guard and kiss the sitting person (on the cheek). The guard tries to kiss the attacker (again, on the cheek). First to kiss wins. It gets a little crazy.

Now personally, I don't like the idea of giving away even cheek kisses in a game. My kisses are special. They mean more than winning. But that's just me. It probably has a lot to do with the fact that I've only ever kissed one person. And I loved him. That being said, I didn't feel like it was morally wrong for others to play the game or for me to watch. In fact, I found it quite entertaining.

After almost everyone had gone home, Megan and Leland had a rematch. Megan had lost the first time they went against each other, and she wanted to prove she could win. Since there weren't any other girls around to be the sitting person, I got peer pressured into participating. I made Megan promise to win so that I wouldn't have to get kissed. And I held my hands on my cheeks so that if Leland won, he would only be kissing my hand.

Well, Megan lost. My favorite part of the video is the very end when Megan says, "I'm sorry, Lisa."

The things we do for our best friends...


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