Mormon Celebrities

*insert explosion of excitement here*

There are certain persons in the LDS culture that are "famous". These persons may be completely unknown to the general public outside of the church, but to me they are so much more of a big deal than Hollywood celebrities (FYI, writing this like I am cool, calm, and collected is killing me - in actuality I'm squealing with excitement). Tonight, I had the opportunity to meet multiple Mormon celebrities. Eeeeek!!!

Because I have the best major in the entire world (Family Studies), I was blessed to be informed of tonight's School of Family Life Distinguished Lecture by Daryl Hoole.
She is an accomplished author, loving wife/mother/grandma/great-grandmother, and an amazing speaker. She was so funny and such a good teacher! Sister Hoole's lecture was entitled "The Home--An Apprentice Shop for Children". I learned so many good mommy tips. Gosh, she made me so excited to be a mom. 

After the absolutely wonderful lecture, I gathered my courage and went to meet the Mormon celebrities. I got to the lecture early, so I was sitting super close to "the celebrities". After a quick prayer for courage, I waltzed right up to President and Sister Samuelson (BYU president and his wife) and introduced myself. They were the sweetest people ever! President Samuelson shook my hand and then proceeded to hold my elbow the rest of the time we were talking. I normally don't like people touching me, but since there were a lot of people around it was nice to know he was focusing his attention on me for those few minutes. 
Next, I met Elder Dallin H. Oaks. He is an apostle of the Lord, Jesus Christ. Just like in Jesus' day, we have twelve apostles - and tonight I shook hands with one of them! TWICE! I shook his hand once, and then a few minutes later he reached out and shook it again. I'm pretty sure he didn't remember shaking my hand the first time, but hey, I'm not complaining. He can shake my hand as much as he wants. I was able to tell Elder Oaks and his wife how much I enjoyed the fireside they gave earlier this semester. They are just the cutest. I love them!
Before I left, I was also able to meet Daryl Hoole. She is such a sweet lady! She was so glad students actually came to the lecture because she was worried it'd be all old people, haha. She said to tell my professor to give me an 'A' for coming. 

Basically, tonight was just the greatest night ever. I am on cloud nine. Some people are concert people. They love to be front row and reach out and touch the hand of their favorite musician. Me? I'm a Mormon. And I like Mormon celebrities. Spiritual giants. People I can trust even before the very first handshake.


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