I had so many tests this week. And papers. It was very very very busy. Unfortunately for you, that means I didn't have time to blog about the ups and downs of this week. I thought about trying to remember everything that happened, but I quickly gave up. My week's worth of brain power is all used up. So, let's skip straight to the weekend...that's the best part of the week anyway, right?

Friday night = date night. Kevin and I went to Divine Comedy (BYU sketch comedy group that our pal Stacey is in) with Megan and Stuart. It was super duper funny. Afterwards we went back to their apartment for hot cocoa. Kevin had bought some ski stuff at DI, and since it had been snowing all day we decided to try it out...on the lawn outside of the apartment complex. The flat lawn, haha. It was silly, but quite fun.

Speaking of the snow, it snowed a lot. A lot a lot. More than all last winter combined (granted it didn't really snow at all last year...) The snow was so heavy that lots of branches and trees fell down!

I don't know why snow is trying to steal the Thanksgiving season. Snow should definitely wait until after Thanksgiving. But don't worry, Thanksgiving is in full swing for me. The snow hasn't fooled me into skipping turkey day. We even had a delicious ward Thanksgiving dinner tonight :)

I made this Thanksgiving sign for work and I am oh so proud of it:

Hmm... what else? Oh! I went to the Men's Chorus concert tonight. It was absolutely fabulous. And a cake exploded in our oven. The two are in no way related; I just wanted to tell you both. THE END.


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