Busy Book by Auntie Lisa

I am a novice crafter/sewer (as will be evidenced by the pictures of the finished result), but I am learning. My parents actually gave me a brand new sewing machine the night I finished this project, so hopefully I'll become a pro and the next one I make will be 10x better. But for now, the busy book/quiet book I made for my adorable nephew, Mr. Pierson:
Paint palette: the "paint" splotches are velcroed on, so they can be removed and rearranged; there is a paintbrush in the pocket on the opposite page for fun imaginary painting
my personal favorite: chicks and the barn
open the eggs and SUPRISE! little chicks!
open the barn and WHAM! cow, chicken, and pig
finger puppet barnyard animals
Hungry? Check the refrigerator. 
fruit can be removed and placed into the bowl on the opposite page
tree with removable leaves and ice cream
additional scoops of ice cream can be found in the ice cream container; scoops are attached with velcro
I predict this page will be one of Pierson's favorites; a car track complete with a car, truck, slugbug, school bus, and  *big blue* truck
monkeys and bananas (beads) that can slide from tree to tree
better check the mail, there's a letter from the best aunt ever inside :)
the admittedly creepy page: the face; other eye, nose, and mouth options are in the pocket on the opposite page; again, everything is velcroed on
opposites attract? the toolbox and counting flower
hammer, wrench, screwdriver, and saw....I think
blast off!
rocket to the moon
It was a time consuming project, but not all that difficult (once you let go of perfectionism and accept imperfection). Crossing my fingers that he loves it!


  1. Lisa, I am impressed! That looks so good, I'm sure he'll LOVE it! :)

  2. oh my goodness. you are so crafty. careful who you show this to. you can't get married until I get back!

  3. ...I thought I was supposed to have a baby for you to play with? Haha, guess I'll have to hide my domestic-ness for a couple years :)


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