Confessions of a Clean Carpet Enthusiast

For sharing a tiny apartment with 5 other girls, our apartment stays fairly clean. We do have one major problem: HAIR. In the shower drain, on the rug by the vanity, and all over the floor. Gross, I know. Be happy I didn't take a picture of the hairballs we clean out of the showers daily. 

This weekend we received a gift from the apartment manager that has significantly improved the hair situation: a brand spankin' new Dyson vacuum!!! Our last vacuum was old and didn't really work. Then it conveniently disappeared. When we told the manager, she offered us one of only three new vacuums for our apartment complex. Needless to say, I am completely in love with our new vacuum. My obsession has led to our floors being vacuumed daily. Megan laughs at me because I get really excited about the floors now. 

I can't make all my roommates shave their heads, but I can vacuum the floors as often as I like. Do you know what that means? I can sit on the carpet without worrying that I'll get hair on me! Best. Vacuum. Ever.


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