Livia. Like Olivia without the "O"

Today is this cute girl's birthday. She is ELEVEN years old! Can you believe it? It seems like just last Christmas I was begging Santa to bring me a little brother or sister, but it's been eleven years since I got my Christmas miracle.

Boy oh boy was I excited to be a big sister. I always had clothes laid out in case I needed to get up in the middle of the night to meet my cute new baby sister. I was so excited.
I still remember when Grandma and Grandpa woke me up super duper early to go to the hospital to meet Liv. It was still dark outside. Josh and Joe didn't come because they wanted to sleep, but I could not wait another second to meet her!

From the minute I first held my baby sister, I claimed her as mine. I even brought her to school for show and tell.
And now she's growing up. I would still bring her to school for show and tell, but now she could probably carry me just as well (if not better) than I could carry her.

Oh Livia. She is my favorite. I'm sure I made her life infinitely more challenging by begging for her to have an "L" name (she will  have to explain for the rest of her life that her name is Livia not Olivia). Happy birthday to my favorite girl. 8 days until 3 weeks of sister sleepovers!


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