Thursday, January 31, 2013

Write Me Maybe?

Are you ready for some BIG news? Seriously though, you better sit down.

I think I might be going on a mission.

I would like to preface the remainder of this post by saying that I do not know 100% for sure that I am going on a mission. But right now, that is what I'm working towards.

You may remember a few months back when I decided not to go on a mission. Needless to say, the decision to serve came as a bit of a shock to me. I thought I was supposed to stay here; however, I fully believe the Lord knows best where He needs me. And if that's on a mission, I'm going.

Because I thought I wasn't supposed to go on a mission, I hadn't given it much thought in the past couple of months. Then, all of a sudden, I couldn't get the idea of a mission out of my mind. Everything made me think about going on a mission. I could barely focus in class. It was crazy. So, I took the hint and started asking (again) if I should go on a mission. For the first time in my life, I felt a strong desire  to go on a mission. I've always loved the gospel and I've always wanted to share it, but I had never truly desired to leave everything behind for 18 months to serve a full-time mission. I wasn't opposed to the idea, but it didn't excite me...until a few weeks ago. 

When my mission obsession didn't go away, I talked to my parents. They are super supportive. But as I said earlier, no official decisions have been made. I'm still thinking. Still praying. For now, my plan of action is geared toward a mission. I figure nothing bad can come from a little extra scripture study and Preach My Gospel reading. 

Questions about what could possibly make me consider putting my education, work, family, and social life on hold for 18 months? Check out

To be continued... 

Welcome to my life.

While reading this post you might ask, "Is this real life?" The answer: yes. Yes, it is. This is my real life.

For starters, MY GRANDMA IS ENGAGED. She is as giddy as a teenage girl. #mygrandmaslovelifeismoreexcitingthanmine Epic hashtag? Totally necessary. More on this in a later post (once I get pictures of the ring).

The above announcement may have stirred your curiosity in regards to my love life. Rest assured, I am not leaving you out of the loop. I simply have nothing to report. The only action I've gotten this semester is because of the "date bucket". Yes, "date bucket". Our ward dating committee (yes, that's a real thing too) created a bucket where ward members can nominate people to go on dates. The dating committee then emails the boy and tells him he has been chosen to go on a date with ____.  Oh, BYU.

Also, my professor showed a Rainbow Brite video clip in class. Yes, this is real life. Welcome.

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Conversing with a Felon

On Tuesday, I unknowingly conversed with a felon. This has led me to the question how many times have I spoken with a felon and never known? Not that it matters. I'm just curious. Anyway, here's the story of how I came to speak with a felon and ended up at the police station.

I was at work on Tuesday when a young man approached me to ask directions to various places on campus. I didn't think anything of it. Then today at work, I found out he is a thief! He stole a backpack with a Mac and textbooks in it. Tisk tisk. Anyway, the police pulled the security footage and tried to have me identify the guy. I was approximately zero help. So, they asked me to come to the police station on campus and watch the entire video (before I had just been shown screen shots). I guess it was supposed to jog my memory.

Moral of the story: BEWARE of leaving your backpack unattended, even at BYU. And, make sure to memorize the face of everyone you ever speak to: you never know when you may be conversing with a felon.

Risky Business

Going to class can be risky business in the winter months. I woke up this morning to freezing rain. Did I think anything of it? No. Until I took my first step onto the sidewalk, that is. I almost fell to my death. Thankfully, I have cat like reflexes (I mean helllloooooo, I am a BYU Cougar). I regained composure and looked down to see that it did not look like I was standing on ice. Sure, the sidewalks were wet, but who would think that they were covered in invisible ice? Not me.

This whole ice thing was quite new to me. I mean, usually if it's icy it's because the snow is packed down and slick. This ice came with no warning. So, how did I manage the ice and get to class? I shuffled. I was going to say I skated or glided to class, but let's face it: those words imply graceful motion, and I was definitely not graceful. However, I do claim the bragging rights of never actually falling today (which can't be said for many of my classmates).

I thought about pulling out my phone and videoing the absolutely hilarious waddles and slipping and sliding and falling that I saw on my way to class, but I was scared I would fall if I attempted such a skillful activity. Luckily for you, other BYU students were braver than I and filmed the conditions on campus. Check it out:

Friday, January 11, 2013

What's up with this "winter" thing?

I was completely spoiled last year. Winter was about as warm as a Utah winter gets. It was glorious (although at the time I didn't realize how wonderful it was). This winter...not so much. This winter is very different.

First off, it is FREEZING cold. So cold that earlier this week when I ran into Carine on the way to my first class of the day my face was so frozen that I could hardly smile. No wonder people smile less during winter. Which, by the way, is absolutely true. BYU is a very friendly, smiley place but the cold has definitely lessened the smile count. Thankfully, the cold does not interfere with the gentlemen count. Boys still hold the doors open for the ladies. Much appreciated.

Here's another problem I have with the cold. When I'm out in the cold, my right eye starts to water. Just my right eye. Every. Single. Time. I feel like I should wear a sign that says, "Not crying, just cold."

That being said, this morning on my wintery walk to school I tried really hard to like winter. While walking up the icy/snowy hill, I noticed that the snow was slightly dirty. Not ugly brown slush, just a little tan. It looked like sand. So, as I climbed that hill, I thought of the snow as sand. Unfortunately, that only made me think about how hard it is to walk in the sand...or the snow. It takes so much effort and concentration not to fall. Attempt #1: FAIL.

Next, I decided to take an admittedly rude approach. Watching people slip and slide and almost fall? Hilarious. As long as no one gets hurt, I don't really feel that bad smiling to myself. I'm sure people do the same to me. Attempt #2: SUCCESS.

Then came a less shallow thought. I was walking through the yucky, dirty slush and hating snow and winter in general when I decided to stop looking at the guck I was walking in and look up. Suddenly, snow was beautiful. Maybe it isn't so bad to trek through the snow if it makes everything look stunning and pure. Especially the trees. I love snowy trees. Attempt #3: BRILLIANT SUCCESS!

....and then when I was walking home I tried to look up and the snow blew into my face and it was plain miserable.

Haha, so at least I'm attempting to find the good in winter, right?

Saturday, January 5, 2013


I left home(3) to go home(2). Then I left home(2) to go to home(1). Then I left home(1) to go back to home(2). And finally, I left home(2) to get back to home(3).

SO MANY HOMES! I guess it's true; home is where the heart is. And my heart just happens to be in lots of places.