Risky Business

Going to class can be risky business in the winter months. I woke up this morning to freezing rain. Did I think anything of it? No. Until I took my first step onto the sidewalk, that is. I almost fell to my death. Thankfully, I have cat like reflexes (I mean helllloooooo, I am a BYU Cougar). I regained composure and looked down to see that it did not look like I was standing on ice. Sure, the sidewalks were wet, but who would think that they were covered in invisible ice? Not me.

This whole ice thing was quite new to me. I mean, usually if it's icy it's because the snow is packed down and slick. This ice came with no warning. So, how did I manage the ice and get to class? I shuffled. I was going to say I skated or glided to class, but let's face it: those words imply graceful motion, and I was definitely not graceful. However, I do claim the bragging rights of never actually falling today (which can't be said for many of my classmates).

I thought about pulling out my phone and videoing the absolutely hilarious waddles and slipping and sliding and falling that I saw on my way to class, but I was scared I would fall if I attempted such a skillful activity. Luckily for you, other BYU students were braver than I and filmed the conditions on campus. Check it out:


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