Welcome to my life.

While reading this post you might ask, "Is this real life?" The answer: yes. Yes, it is. This is my real life.

For starters, MY GRANDMA IS ENGAGED. She is as giddy as a teenage girl. #mygrandmaslovelifeismoreexcitingthanmine Epic hashtag? Totally necessary. More on this in a later post (once I get pictures of the ring).

The above announcement may have stirred your curiosity in regards to my love life. Rest assured, I am not leaving you out of the loop. I simply have nothing to report. The only action I've gotten this semester is because of the "date bucket". Yes, "date bucket". Our ward dating committee (yes, that's a real thing too) created a bucket where ward members can nominate people to go on dates. The dating committee then emails the boy and tells him he has been chosen to go on a date with ____.  Oh, BYU.

Also, my professor showed a Rainbow Brite video clip in class. Yes, this is real life. Welcome.


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