What's up with this "winter" thing?

I was completely spoiled last year. Winter was about as warm as a Utah winter gets. It was glorious (although at the time I didn't realize how wonderful it was). This winter...not so much. This winter is very different.

First off, it is FREEZING cold. So cold that earlier this week when I ran into Carine on the way to my first class of the day my face was so frozen that I could hardly smile. No wonder people smile less during winter. Which, by the way, is absolutely true. BYU is a very friendly, smiley place but the cold has definitely lessened the smile count. Thankfully, the cold does not interfere with the gentlemen count. Boys still hold the doors open for the ladies. Much appreciated.

Here's another problem I have with the cold. When I'm out in the cold, my right eye starts to water. Just my right eye. Every. Single. Time. I feel like I should wear a sign that says, "Not crying, just cold."

That being said, this morning on my wintery walk to school I tried really hard to like winter. While walking up the icy/snowy hill, I noticed that the snow was slightly dirty. Not ugly brown slush, just a little tan. It looked like sand. So, as I climbed that hill, I thought of the snow as sand. Unfortunately, that only made me think about how hard it is to walk in the sand...or the snow. It takes so much effort and concentration not to fall. Attempt #1: FAIL.

Next, I decided to take an admittedly rude approach. Watching people slip and slide and almost fall? Hilarious. As long as no one gets hurt, I don't really feel that bad smiling to myself. I'm sure people do the same to me. Attempt #2: SUCCESS.

Then came a less shallow thought. I was walking through the yucky, dirty slush and hating snow and winter in general when I decided to stop looking at the guck I was walking in and look up. Suddenly, snow was beautiful. Maybe it isn't so bad to trek through the snow if it makes everything look stunning and pure. Especially the trees. I love snowy trees. Attempt #3: BRILLIANT SUCCESS!

....and then when I was walking home I tried to look up and the snow blew into my face and it was plain miserable.

Haha, so at least I'm attempting to find the good in winter, right?


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