Chlozell's Birthweekend

I absolutely love celebrating my roommates' birthdays. I think I have just as much fun (or more!) than they do. I would rank this birthweekend up there with my all time favorite birthday celebrations ever.

We started the celebration on Friday night. Chloe, Greta, Megan and I headed out to dinner at Cafe Rio. SO delicious. After we stuffed ourselves silly, we stopped by Cocoa Bean (a cupcake cafe) and picked up an assortment of gourmet cakes to eat at midnight to ring in Chloe's actual day o' birth. Then, we headed over the The Wall.

The Wall is this new hangout spot on campus. They have live bands, food, and italian sodas. We were (obviously) too full to eat, but we grabbed a table up front to watch the band. We felt like a bunch of old farts because the band was wayyyyy too loud for us. There are a couple of touch-screen game tables in the back, so we moved back there and played for a little while. I think The Wall will eventually evolve into a cool little place. Next time we go back we plan on sending a boy across the room a drink. Just like in the movies. I chickened out this time, but next time I'M DOING IT.

On the way home we rolled down the windows and blared "Kiss the Girl". We spread the love all around Provo. A few couples even kissed! ....but most just looked at us crazy. We were just trying to help them have a moment...but some didn't seem to appreciate it. Particularly the two girls. We thought one was a boy because she day a hat on, but when we got closer we saw they were both girls. Oops! Luckily they didn't follow the words of the song and "kiss the girl".

When we got home, Amy still had friends over. We didn't want to be rude eating our cupcakes in front of them so we smuggled them back into Chloe and Greta's room. Chloe also brought a gallon of milk. Greta had a water bottle. I had a glass of water. We had a good ole time eating and cracking up. Chloe made a joke that Greta must not have seen coming because she had just taken a sip of water. Greta proceeded to spew the water out in uproarious laughter ALL. OVER. CHLOE. And the bed. And the floor. But mostly Chloe. It looked like Chloe had just visited Niagara Falls. It was hilarious.

When we finally calmed ourselves down, we had a roommate sing-along. Sing-alongs are becoming a frequent occurrence in B38. Finally, at 12:45 am (when Chloe was born) I peaced-out and went to sleep.

I had to work on Chloe's birthday, but we started celebrating again almost immediately after I got home. Chloe's mom had sent her a birthday box which got here perfectly on time. Inside were party decorations, so we had a very festive apartment. Then, we threw a frisbee around outside since it was such a beautiful day. Greta made a fabulous chocolate cake from scratch while Chloe and I ran to the store to get food for break-the-fast and pick up dinner: Slab pizza!

Just as we finished eating our pizza, our party guests began to arrive. We had quite the crowd. It was a blast! We sat around talking and laughing. Then we ate yummy cake and ice cream. Then we talked and laughed some more. Eventually we moved the party to B21 to watch a movie on their projector. By the end of the night, I was exhausted. Celebrating can wear a girl out.

I am so glad Chloe was born.


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