Cooking for One

It's no secret that I cannot wait to get married and have a zillion babies. As I was thinking about that today on the way to class, I thought about how one day I will probably look back on my single college days and wish I could live them all over again (I mean, my life is pretty spectacular). This thought probably spurred from the fact that I was walking past a young family with a screaming child, but that's beside the point.

Anyway, when I came home tonight from a long day of school and work I was so hungry. I couldn't decide what I wanted to eat, and that's when it happened: I made a terrible decision. I love experimenting in the kitchen and making up recipes as I go, but I should not do that when I am starving. I made some pretty terrible pasta. Okay, it wasn't terrible, but every time I took a bite I thought about Megan's theory that every bite you take that you don't enjoy decreases your satisfaction. Well, that pasta ended up in the trash after only a few bites. And now I'm sitting here eating Lucky Charms.

At first, I was disappointed by my dinner fail tonight. And then I realized how lucky I am that I was only cooking for myself! Because no one else was counting on me cooking a delicious dinner, I could just default to cereal instead of whipping up something else. Lucky Charms have never tasted so good.


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