Give Me Your Eyes

Do you ever listen to a song on repeat because it says something better than you ever could? That happens to me. A lot. In fact, it has happened so much recently that I made a playlist of all the songs that get stuck in my head. When a song is stuck in my head, I just wish everyone knew what song I was singing in my mind. I feel like everyone would know me so much better if they always knew what music was playing in my head. Music can reveal so much about what a person is thinking and feeling. It can work the other way too. Music can make us think or feel a certain way. That's why we're cautioned so much about choosing wholesome, uplifting music. But anyway, since I am avoiding doing my schoolwork I figured I'd let you in on my current song obsession:

I have always been a master stalker. I love people watching. I love imagining what other peoples' lives are like. Strangers intrigue me. But sometimes I have trouble remembering that the people I see on campus might really be having a hard day and they might need me to smile at them. And sometimes that new mom with the screaming baby in class needs me to tell her how cute her little munchkin is as I walk out of the classroom. Maybe that person I had a class with last semester needs me to say hi to them when we pass by so they know someone remembers their name when they've been feeling forgotten. I don't know everyone's story, but I know someone who does. If I can see them through His eyes for just one second, I can be His hands, His smile, His hug.


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