I'm Still Here

Just so you know, even when I don't blog for real, I definitely blog in my head. I think of exactly what stories I need to tell on here. Unfortunately for you, I haven't actually been writing these imaginary blog posts down so I have forgotten 99% of the things I meant to blog about...oops.

Lucky for you, I did write down something funny Dr. I said the other day. We were talking about stocks and how you just have to hold on through the hard times even when your stock isn't doing so hot. But it is still worth it sometimes because the stock will come back up and make you money. He said, "Would you hang out with a short person who throws up on you? YES! Yes, you would. It's called your child." Hahahaha, oh Dr. I. Then in the same class period he talked about Martha Stewart's imprisonment, "Remember Martha Stewart? She spent some time in Connecticut wearing an orange jumper. I'm sure she painted and improved it."

School has been busy, thus the lack of blogging. But life is good. I went on a blind date last night. The guy was really nice, but he looked a lot like my brother so that was kind of weird. When I got home, I went to the men's soccer game with Megan, Greta, and Steven. My early bedtime plan was unsuccessful due to a late night banana bread adventure. Of course I had to stay up until it was finished (at midnight!) so that I could get a piece. And it's a good thing that I did because it was all gone this morning when I left for work (at 5:45 in the morning). Oh early shifts at work...it's a love hate relationship. I hate waking up so early on Saturday, but I love being done with work - especially when it's ADVENTURE TIME. Today is hereby dubbed adventure day. I'll blog all about it later. It's going to be epic.


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