In the recent weeks, I have heard multiple people comment on BYU students' lack of eye contact with one another on campus. "No one will look at you." "They just avert their eyes." "If you look at someone, they will purposely look away so they don't have to make eye contact." You know what I say to that? BOLOGNA. I have never noticed people avoiding eye contact on campus. Sure, if someone is zoning out or preoccupied they might not make eye contact, but geeze give 'em a break.

Or maybe I just wasn't being observant. Maybe the reason I never noticed people avoiding eye contact is because I'm the worst offender! Could it be? I wanted to know. So, I decided to perform my own little experiment. This week I have made a special effort to make eye contact with as many people as possible. Granted it has been a beautiful week so people are probably in better moods than they were when it was -3487238473 degrees, I have had no problem getting people to look at me and smile. Old, young, male, female - they all make eye contact and smile. Now I can say with complete confidence, BOLOGNA.

And now for an embarrassing video to further prove the friendliness of the students on BYU campus.


  1. As funny as this is, it is equally disgusting. Glad I didn't get tricked into a "kiss rape" hahahaha. That is something I hope to never experience :)

  2. It is SO disturbing. I'm really hoping that one boy was her boyfriend. Make sure you carry your rape whistle on campus just in case ;)


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