The Quiet Year

I am hereby dubbing my sophomore year "the quiet year". If you ask my roommates or the girls living in the apartment below mine, they might tell you a completely different story; but for me, it was a quiet year. As I think back, I can't think of anything really exciting that happened. It wasn't a bad year. Or a particularly good one. It was just...a year.

Okay, I take that back. It wasn't just a year. It was a year of decision making. A year of best friend making. You see, this year was a lot different than last year. Sometimes it is really hard not to compare the two, but really they aren't comparable at all. Last year was full of new people. New friends, and lots of new acquaintances. This year I lived with last years "new friends". And last year's new friends became this year's best friends.

This year was also the year my life took an unexpected, but oh so thrilling turn; I decided to go on a mission! I never saw that one coming, but I am so excited for this life-changing opportunity to serve the Lord. So yes, this was a relatively quiet year - but I'm learning that quiet can be powerful.


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