A day in the life

5:30 AM: It's storming. The lightening flashes and wakes me up. Or maybe it was the booming thunder. I awake just enough to notice that the window is leaking - the window just above my bed. Roll out of bed. Pull bed away from window. Curl back up in bed and go to sleep because it's too early and I'm too tired to worry about the water.

5:45 AM: sister wakes up, "really?! ughh" and jumps out of bed to get towels to put under the window. For a fleeting moment I think, "I probably should have done that when I got up to move the bed" but Liv's a pro and she takes care of everything while I fall back to sleep.

6:45 AM: wake up. It's still pouring rain. Shower? Not likely. Throw her up in a bun.

8:30 AM: work.

12:30 PM: lunch break. Use sister's "most trustworthy" award to get free Raising Canes. Is it dishonest to use someone else's award to get free food? Ah well, she doesn't even like Canes.

1:00 PM: back to work.

5:00 PM: come home (finally).

5:30 PM: mom's still sick. Head to store to pick up ingredients to make dinner. Mom thinks I'm being sweet, but really I just don't want her germs in my food. Okay, okay - and I'm being sweet.

5:45 PM: run into a guy from high school at the store. Get a little confidence booster when he tells me I'm going places because I'm the smartest girl he knows.

6:00 PM: make dinner. Chicken crescent rolls.

6:15 PM: hula hoop.

6:30 PM: eat dinner and watch movie with mom.

8:30 PM: write this blog post.

Tonight was my first "free" night in a while. Busy is good, but it's nice to have no obligations every now and then.

Now if you'll excuse me, I think I have a bubble bath calling my name.


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