Every time I hear "TMI" I think of my dear grandma on her wedding day. I called to wish her a happy wedding day (I think that's what you're supposed to do when your grandma gets re-married while you're at school...right?) and she told me that she and Ron (her fiance at the time, now her new hubs) were listening to the CD of songs they were going to play at the wedding. She said it was very romantic, "is that TMI?" Haha, yes, Grandma, that is definitely TMI.

But this post's TMI isn't even remotely related to my grandma's wedding.

I've been sick since last Wednesday night. Which means that tonight I will have been officially sick for an entire, miserable week. And it has been a pretty busy week, too. I have had a lot of obligations to fulfill, so being sick hasn't exactly fit into my plans.

Thursday was full of work and fire alarms--which led to be sitting outside with the occasional gust of wind that brought a cold rain. After over an hour of the alarm going off, I decided to crawl into my parents' closet (the quietest place in the apartment with the alarm still blaring) and go to sleep. It was a rather unfortunate night. But thanks to some delicious banana bread, I survived and the alarm finally shut off.

By Friday I was exhausted and feeling icky sicky. But, Lauren (the other receptionist) was on vacation, so I got up and went to work. Thankfully, we closed early for Memorial Day weekend. Unfortunately, I babysat all weekend. I love babysitting. I do. And the kids were relatively good. But chasing after four kids 8 and under is a lot of work, especially when you and the baby are both sick. Rough night. On Saturday I took the kids to Chick-fil-a to eat lunch/burn off energy at the indoor playground and someone asked me, "Are all of those kids yours?" No, I actually didn't start birthing children at age 12. I had to giggle at that one. When the parents got home Saturday, I left to go home and finally let myself curl up on the couch and be sick.

At church on Sunday I was asked to help out in the nursery. Heavenly Father gave me a boost of health to get through those couple of hours, but as soon as I got home I was sick sick sick. So sick, in fact, that I had to miss out on all of the fun Memorial Day festivities with the nephews. Sad :( And Tuesday it was back to work, even though I was coughing up a storm and barely had a voice. And today (Wednesday) is much the same. I'm feeling better, "better" is still pretty cruddy. ANYWAY, I still haven't gotten to my point.

Here's the thing: since I've been sick, I've been drinking a lot of water. Like, a lot a lot. And hot chocolate. But mostly water. I'd say I drink about this much water a day -
And I'm pretty sure my bladder has shrunk to about this size -


Which has resulted in hourly visits to the bathroom. TMI? Yes. But seriously, it's a little insane. I feel like I'm back in kindergarten.


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