Caution: Showers May Result in Injury

It is not exactly uncommon (not that it happens all the time, but it happens often enough that it isn't shocking) for me to get overheated, especially in the shower. It doesn't take much. For example, yesterday I simply forgot to turn the fan on and, before I knew it, BAM! Overheated.When I get overheated, I get realllll tired and a little dizzy. The result is often me sprawled out on the bathroom floor until I can cool down enough to get up and get a cool glass of water. Benefit of being at home when this happens? I can call for mommy to bring me water and a popsicle. Score.

My first car, lil baby car, truly understood my problem with overheating. In fact, lil baby car was pretty well known for getting overheated herself. It was one of the many things we had in common. When I left for school, lil baby car got a new owner - Mercy. I never quite understood why Mercy (who was one of my best friends so she was well aware of lil baby car's many problems) wanted that silly little Pontiac Sunfire. But I think I get it now; she just wanted to keep that part of me while I moved far far away. Plus she really needed a cheap car.

One day Mercy told me she had bumped into a pole, leaving a little yellow tattoo on lil baby car. I didn't understand. Who was this car? Did the car no longer parallel my life? I would never get a tattoo! But this morning I realized it wasn't really a tattoo after all, and balancing on one foot in the shower is a bad idea, and sometimes it leads to a nice bruise or two.


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