Oh, the ANXIETY!

And by here, I don't mean here. It's at home. And me? Well, I'm at work. Obviously not working. Hey, focusing is really hard at a time like this! I mean, there's a white envelope at home containing a letter signed by a prophet of God that says where I'll be spending 18 months of my life. This is a big deal.
I had almost convinced myself it wouldn't come today. Mostly because today was the perfect day for it to come, so I just knew it would come tomorrow when everyone in my family already had plans that would make it difficult for us to get together. But I still held out enough hope that it would come that I wore a cute outfit and forewent the non-waterproof eyeliner. The Lord's timing is perfect. And it would have still been perfect if my mission call arrived tomorrow, or next week, or a month from now. But, I am forever thankful that His perfect and my perfect aligned today.
Everyone keeps asking if I "feel" like I'm going to go to any place in particular. Simple answer, no. Truth is, I've probably had a dream or fleeting thought that I'm getting called to every single mission. Dad served in Australia, I'll probably go there. Salt Lake City, Temple Square would be lovely. Heartland (me and Liv's new favorite TV show) is set in Canada - I'll get sent there for sure. North Carolina. Russia. New York. Japan. Washingston D.C. South America. Hawaii. Texas. France. I just remembered a song from my elementary school Spanish class, I'll probably go to Spain. Or maybe California, Spanish speaking. Kansas perhaps?
There are SOOOOO many missions. And I know I will love wherever I am called. Going on a mission is exciting and overwhelming and terrifying and wonderful. I am so blessed to have this opportunity to share the gospel of Christ with others. Focusing on helping others draw closer to Christ for 18 months? It doesn't get much better than that.


  1. I hope you got to salt lake city than i would come visit you on temple square every week!! It would be like you never left me!!

  2. Well Keri, maybe you'll just have to roadtrip to OREGON every week!


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