Thursday, July 4, 2013

My Soldier Brother

Meet Josh. Brother. Son. Uncle. Protector. Tackle Mountain master. Teaser. Biker. Soldier.

Last Sunday, I met a woman who had recently lost her soldier son (temporarily - life doesn't end with death, and neither do families). As I listened to her story, I couldn't help but be grateful that Josh isn't deployed at the moment. In fact, I get to see him next week!!!! I'm just a tad excited ;) Only a few months ago, I thought Josh was going to be deployed. He was going to come visit before he left, and I was full of mixed emotions. I was rather upset/scared to have him overseas (and my roommate's boyfriend broke up with her the same day I found out he was scheduled for deployment...our room was real fun that day). But I was also suppppperrrr excited to get to see him before I leave on my 18 month mission in September. When his deployment was cancelled, so was his visit. Or so I thought. But then my fabulous big brother shocked me by announcing that he would fly down to Louisiana from Alaska for a quick visit next week. SO. EXCITED.

Josh is pretty BA (bad...awesome?). He can certainly kick some hiney, but to me he's just my big brother.

He's smart.

He has a great shot. (still true - future boyfriends beware)

He's really good at scaring away cats.


He's also a talented dancer.


Not to mention he's a roller coaster tycoon.

Occasionally he plays dress up.

And he's almost always silly.

But always, always he's my big brother. And when you have a soldier brother the 4th is just a little sweeter, because you aren't just celebrating Independence Day - you're celebrating how awesome your big brother is.

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Hello my name is Lisa

Back at school, I wore a name tag at work. A nifty little golden residence life tag that announced to the world that my name is "Lisa". Sometimes I would forget I was wearing it, and it would catch me unawares when people would "know" my name; however, I would (usually) quickly remember my name tag and remind myself that the general population at BYU does in fact know how to read.

I don't wear a name tag now. Now I sit at my little receptionist desk with absolutely nothing announcing my name to the world. For this reason, it is much more alarming when someone knows my name without me telling them. Like the Sheriff. I'm still baffled that he always calls me by name when he comes into the office. I have absolutely no recollection of ever telling him my name. Also, I have no idea what his name is...and he wears a name tag. And then today the postman boy said my name! I was shocked. How are all these people figuring out my name?

Then it hit me. I sign my name every time we receive certified mail. DUH.

Still racking my brain for an explanation about the Sheriff. So far all I have is that I must have told him one day and then forgotten entirely.

Monday, July 1, 2013

Sometimes I think Satan interferes with computers

Computers are absolutely wonderful tools that can be used for good, but I'm pretty convinced Satan likes to toy with computers just to frustrate good work from going on. I'm not talking about pornography (although that is certainly a way Satan fools people into using the internet for evil purposes). No, today I am talking about something that affects us all. I'm talking about when computers are slow and obnoxious. Is the impatient tone of my thoughts translating into this writing? GRRR.

Today I decided to use my spare time to do a little family history work (it's addicting in the best possible way). Things were going great! I found so many family members - even a set of twinners :) And then it happened...the site stopped working. Every time I do a search it tells me the site is experiencing technical difficulties and to try back later. Frustrating. I just want to find everyone right now!!! Okay, patience isn't my strong suit - especially when I'm excited. And family history definitely makes me excited.

So look Satan, I get it. I know you don't want me to use the internet for good. I'm sure you really hate it. But here's the deal, I'm just going to blog about it (which is journal/record keeping so it's following the prophet's counsel) until the site comes back up. You're gonna have to work a lot harder if you want me to stop. Not that I'm challenging you. Really you should just go take a nap or something and leave me and alone.

Families can be together forever.