Sometimes I think Satan interferes with computers

Computers are absolutely wonderful tools that can be used for good, but I'm pretty convinced Satan likes to toy with computers just to frustrate good work from going on. I'm not talking about pornography (although that is certainly a way Satan fools people into using the internet for evil purposes). No, today I am talking about something that affects us all. I'm talking about when computers are slow and obnoxious. Is the impatient tone of my thoughts translating into this writing? GRRR.

Today I decided to use my spare time to do a little family history work (it's addicting in the best possible way). Things were going great! I found so many family members - even a set of twinners :) And then it happened...the site stopped working. Every time I do a search it tells me the site is experiencing technical difficulties and to try back later. Frustrating. I just want to find everyone right now!!! Okay, patience isn't my strong suit - especially when I'm excited. And family history definitely makes me excited.

So look Satan, I get it. I know you don't want me to use the internet for good. I'm sure you really hate it. But here's the deal, I'm just going to blog about it (which is journal/record keeping so it's following the prophet's counsel) until the site comes back up. You're gonna have to work a lot harder if you want me to stop. Not that I'm challenging you. Really you should just go take a nap or something and leave me and alone.

Families can be together forever.


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