The Fairytale Summer

Two weeks after I came home from my mission, I thought I was going to die. Being home was so hard. I needed progression in my life. So I bought a plane ticket, found random housing with random people, applied for a job and made the move cross-country. It was totally last minute and I anticipated it being a completely okay summer (which was better than the miserable summer I was sure I would have in Louisiana).

...and then church was far away. 

I needed a ride. I shyly knocked on Elizabeth and Lucy's bedroom door. It started as rides to church and quickly became a lifetime kind of friendship. Actually, throughout the majority of the summer I had every intention of it being a summer-only friendship. No need to get too attached. But somewhere along the line, I let my guard down. And that, my friends, has been the biggest blessing all summer.  I discover new reasons every day why God placed them in my life. We needed each other. Elizabeth and Lucy have helped me understand myself. They've helped me be comfortable in my own skin. They'v loved me unconditionally. They are the best examples of vulnerability (one of the traits I most admire in people and struggle hardcore to develop myself). And they are so fun

I have definitely discovered my inner-weirdo with these two around. You know all those crazy ideas you have, but would never do? These two DO IT. It's the best. 

Whether it's breaking into The Josh to rearrange the cupboards or waiting for them to come home to Lucy in a wedding dress, these two are game.

It's been a pretty magical summer. Now it's time to move on. Evidently spending every waking non-working hour at The Josh with Elizabeth and Lucy is not good for my progression. So it's time to move across campus and go back to school. Maybe stop letting the Joshs kill our chances of finding husbands and start letting ourselves fall in love. 

This summer. These people. It's better than I ever imagined this summer could be. And these people, they're lifers.

I love you.


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