The Roommates.

I was talking to this cute boy the other day (he's my favorite),

and I explained to him why college is the coolest (partially convincing myself, because midterms always make me question if college is really worth it). I told him that college is great because you get to live with your friends. And, if you're really lucky, you might even have friends that you super enjoy living with. That's me. I am very blesssed in the friendship department. My roommates are my best friends, and they are the COOLEST.
1) They are hilarious. Living with them is the best ab workout .
2) They are good listeners, and they care about the non-interesting things that you still want to tell someone even though you know it's boring.
3) They are SO good at words of affirmation. Seriously, if you need to feel good about yourself just come on over. You'll never go a day without someone telling you you're beautiful and wonderful. It's the best.
4) They will usually go along with my random requests for piggy back rides, a definite perk in any relationship.
5) They're good little chefs, and they like to share.
6) They are are well-dressed, and they like to share.
7) I often catch them studying their scriptures. It makes me very happy.
8) They don't get mad when I let my other friends live on the couch.
9) They love fiercely.
10) They embrace vulnerability.


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