My life is rocks.

This week has been a miracle week. I had too much to do in too little time, but I was absolutely miraculously able to finish everything in an absurdly timely manner. I have been behind for so long, that being a day ahead made me feel like the richest woman on earth. Rich with time, that is...and I think that is one of my favorite kinds of riches. Not my #1 favorite, but it's up there. This new-found wealth has left me in the happiest of moods. So, instead of working on all the semester long projects that I've been neglecting, I  decided to fully enjoy this gift of time. Instead of reading the loads of academic reading I "should" have been readings, I took the day off to read a novel...and I didn't stop until the book was over. After all, I had no hope of re-focusing on school until the book was done.  It is good to be reminded of my love for reading. Perhaps it will help me view my academic reading more positively. Maybe I'll even be able to muster gratitude for my textbooks and the never-ending journal articles? Only time will tell. Time and my choice, that is.

Because this week has been so joyous, I figured I should quickly write down some parts of the recipe for making a week with cloudy forecasts full of SUNSHINE:

  • Temple attendance - I attribute most of the good things this week to the fact that we had a roommate date to the temple on Saturday. 
  • Service - I was overwhelmed at the service hours I had signed up for this week. How would I find the time? MIRACLE. Desire to serve and bam the stars aligned.
  • GRATITUDE - I am absolutely convinced that an attitude of gratitude can move mountains. I know from personal experience it can move mountains of homework. You might have to push on the mountain for awhile, but it does move. And it moves easier with a grateful heart.
Life is good.

ps, I still have a draft post about WCF9...maybe I'll post it one day.

pps, I also have Halloween pictures to share

ppps, yes - I do realize I accidentally titled this post "My life is rocks." instead of "My life rocks." However, it makes me laugh way too hard to change it and ruin the simple laughter I might need one day in the future as I recall this blog post.

pppps, I'm pretty sure I'm a real adult now. I took the day off from responsibility and all I did with my self-given freedom was read an entire novel and clean the bathroom.


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