A special story for those who read my blog even when I don't post it on Facebook...

I went on a date this week. I still don't know the guy's name.

A mutual "friend" (I've only talked to the guy that set it up a couple of times, so I'm not sure that classifies as friendship) set us up. He introduced me and ???. I didn't catch ???'s name, but for some reason I decided I wouldn't ask. I decided I would wait to hear someone call him by his name, and then I would know. Smoooooooth. Except no one used his name. So, I went the entire date not knowing his name. At the end of the date, he asked for my number so we could go out again. In my brain, this translated into "Great! Now I won't have to admit I don't know his name!I'll give him my number and then he'll text me his name so I have his number. Problem solved." 

...no such luck. The text was nameless. 

UPDATE: I found out his name. Just in case you wondered.


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