There are a lot of things to like about California:

1. Josh & Jordana. I FINALLY got to meet my cute new sister-in-law. Just in case you aren't aware, she is wonderful. She is so easy to love. And boy oh boy does Josh love her. It's the most beautiful thing. My heart is FULL of GRATITUDE for being able to spend time with them. I am very blessed in the family department.

2. Kugel and Lilly - Josh & Jordana's furry babies. They liked me, so I liked them.

3. Kayaking with otters. Seriously, why do I not go kayaking more often? 

4. The aquarium. Because aquariums are  fantastic places. Also because I got very excited about touching a sting ray and launched my arm into the tank without thinking. My sweater was SOAKED to my elbow. Worth it.

5. Purple sand beaches. NOT A JOKE. Absolutely magical.

6. Pizza My Heart. That place was seriously delicious.

7. The guest bed. Every night it felt like I had died, gone to heaven, and was sleeping on the best cloud. 

8. The weather. Leaving snow for sun? Yes, please.

9. Nice plane people. I had two flights leaving from California airports and my seat mates on both flights were absolutely delightful. Plane people are my favorite. Strangers should chat like plane-mates more often. I think it would do some good in the world.

10. Also, there's this boy from California. He was in Provo while I was there, but I think he still gets to make the "things I like about California" list.


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