Christmas 2015.

God is really good to me. It's kind of overwhelming--in the best way.

My first flight from California to Louisiana was delayed, and I ended up missing my connecting flight. There were no other flights leaving to any airport in Louisiana that night. I was stuck in L.A. Alone. Being the chicken that I am (and also having just taken a women's studies class that focused heavily on rape and sex trafficking) I was soooooo not okay with staying in the scary city all by myself. I had a little freak out/breakdown. Looking back, it's pretty laughable. I was totally fine. But in the moment, I was just not having it. It all worked out in the end. I found a flight to Indianapolis and Grandma and Ron rescued me by picking me up in the wee hours of the morning with very little warning. But here's the thing: it was exactly what I needed.

Everyone warned me that the first Christmas post-mission can be hard. Let's face it, there is nothing better than celebrating Christmas by serving Christ. Nothing. It was a tender mercy to be reminded that I don't need a missionary tag in order to be His hands. He knows where He needs me and when He needs me there. I just have to trust that and be willing. I needed to be on the specific flights I ended up on. I needed the lessons I learned from my seatmates, and hopefully they were blessed by our association as well. God is so good.

The extra day in Indiana meant I got extra Grandma time, which obviously rocked. It also meant I got to Skype into the Christmas festivities back home for the 3rd year in a row--just like on the mission :) The fam-bam traveled up to Indiana for Christmas Eve and Christmas day. There is just something special about Christmas at Grandma's. My heart is so happy.

Great-grandma Marge

Awkward family photo.
Strangely reminiscent of the time we all tried to pile on to one pool floatie.

These little lovebirds <3

...oh well.


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