Being single on Valentine's Day really isn't the worst

There are two kinds of people who might find themselves reading this blog post:
  1. The people who already know my life. These are the people who read my blog mostly to see if I posted any pictures of them or if I said anything hilarious (or really nice) about them.
  2. The people who stay updated about my life mostly by reading the blog. These are people I love, but I'm not the best at staying in contact with (apologies).
Now, there are two types of people who might find themselves in the above category #2:

       A. The people who knew I had a boyfriend.
       B. The people who were blissfully unaware because I never could quite figure out how to blog                 about him. There's a post saved in draft, but I never did finish it. And now it will ever remain               in its uncompleted draft form.

So, for those of you that find yourself classified as blog reader type 2A - here's the summary:

I had a boyfriend. We broke up last weekend.

I started writing a longer summary and then realized that that's really all you need to know.

Now that that's out of the way, let's talk about all the reasons why being single on Valentine's Day really isn't the worst.

  1. Nobody knows how to spoil me better than me. Seriously, I know exactly what to get me for Valentine's Day: all of the fixings for homemade boba smoothies! Mmmmm.... BONUS: Greta wanted in on this deal so we scored two flavors.
  2. Fondue for two is not limited to lovers. I have had this absolutely adorable fondue for two set for years, and I never get to use it because I had it in my mind that it was meant to only be used for dates. GREAT NEWS: it works splendidly for an evening in with the roomie. 
  3. Galentine's Day is every day. But you still get to treat yo'self to breakfast with your ladies on February 13th in true Leslie Knope fashion.
  4. Flowers are still adorning the table. Thank you, Bekah.
  5. Treats galore. This week has been especially sugar packed due to the generosity of almost every one I know dropping off treats to cheer up by broken heart. I seriously know the best people.
  6. It's totally acceptable to spend Valentine's weekend writing an 8-10 page paper. And it's also totally acceptable to procrastinate writing an 8-10 page paper, because it's not like you have to make time for a boyfriend or anything.
  7. Barbie boyfriends. When I was 15, my friends got me the hunk on the left so I wouldn't be lonely (since I was not going to date until I was 16). The beach babe on the right came from some high school friends after Michael and I broke up. The roommates continued the tradition and gifted me the stud in the middle this week. Lest you think I am absolutely insane, I know a plastic doll cannot actually take away the pain of loneliness. But when I look at these guys I am reminded of how blessed I am to have the very best friends in the entire world - and that does heal the heart.
  8. Impossible (maybe possible?) puzzles. Because who doesn't like to drive themselves bonkers with a gradient puzzle? *insert me banging my head against the wall here* 

  9. The temple. I love the temple. I love the peace it brings now and the hope it brings for the future. A visit to the temple was exactly what I needed this weekend.
  10. Greta. I wish I could adequately describe in words how grateful I am for Greta. This girl has taken care of me all week without complaint. She lets me dump all of my emotions on the floor and helps me sort them out. She lets me cry. She makes me laugh. She encourages all of my ridiculous ideas. And she hasn't hesitated once when I've looked at her with desperate eyes and said "I need out of the house PRONTO!" She just grabs the keys and we go on an adventure. My goal in life is to be someone's Greta. Maybe I can even be Greta's Greta. (Hey Gretz, did you notice that I gave you the coveted #10 spot on the list? That's because I think you are my greatest blessing this week. Thankyouthankyouthankyouthankyou!)


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