Betsy Phillips.

You know what's great? A song that just gets you. You know what's better? An artist that just gets you.

Betsy Phillips. I just cannot get enough. I love every single song. Unfortunately, she has only released five songs. FIVE. I know me. I will listen to those five songs on repeat until I can't stand them. So I really need her to release new music ASAP. Probs she's broke and needs to be more famous so she can afford to record more. Everyone go listen to her music right now. Let's make her super duper Taylor Swift famous overnight so that I'll never have a Betsy Phillips song shortage.

If you use Spotify, you can access all 5 songs. SoundCloud has 3. YouTube has a couple if you dig. Or you can buy all 5 songs for only $4.95 on iTunes (which you should seriously do).This is a serious situation, people. She only has 78 followers on SoundCloud (including me). 744 instagram followers (again including me). PEOPLE - she is fantastic! And she needs more support so that I can continue to listen to my life in song form.

UPDATE: I am becoming a bigger fan every minute. Greta encouraged me to send her a message on instagram. I did. Betsy responded and she is seriously the sweetest person. You are all going to love her.


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