Choosing J O Y

I love that my roommates have been reading Brene Brown. She is very important in my life, and it is so nice to have people to talk to that get it. Usually. Except when they use Brene against me. They like to remind me that I tend to numb through busyness. Which is true, I guess. I  do that sometimes. But there are also times when I am busy because I am choosing JOY. This weekend has been packed full with things that have made my heart happy.

I spent Friday morning with a group of the coolest 6th graders around. 1,100 5th & 6th graders from underprivileged schools came to visit BYU and get pumped about going to college one day. It was so much fun. I felt so alive. I was totally inspired by those kids. I needed them a million times more than they needed me.

Friday afternoon I helped out with a focus group of graduate students. We ended up going an hour over our allotted time because a couple students really opened up about some of their faith struggles and things professors had done/said that had really brought them out of some dark places. As they shared their struggles and triumphs, I felt the Spirit rush into the room and testify of God's love for them and for me. It was beautiful.

Saturday morning, Greta and I volunteered at the Rex Lee cancer run. There is nothing better than seeing a group of people come together to support others.

This weekend was also Stake Conference. Satan tries so hard to get me to not pay attention. Sometimes he succeeds and I give in to boredom. But when I can push him away and really pay attention, I learn soooo much! It's amazing what the Spirit can teach you.

After church, Greta and I headed up to the temple to read. This nice weather rolling in is doing wonders for my attitude. When the sun is shining, it seems a little easier to believe it will all work out.

Life is good. I choose joy.


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