Dreams Come True

Just about every time I go on a date, I invite my roommates.

"Are you sure you don't want to come?"
"Yes, Lisa. He wants to go on a date with you. We aren't invited."
"But it would probably be more fun if y'all were there..."
"Lisa, you cannot invite us on your date."
"I'm sure he wouldn't mind..."
"Lisa. No."

It's a common conversation. So when Caroline got called into work and couldn't make last night's double date, I was excited to get to drag Carine on the date with me.  AND THEN *drum roll* the boys came to pick us up and insisted Megan come too. Elliot is on Spring Break in California so she was going to spend the night home alone studying, but my dreams came true and I got to bring my besties on my date. It was as wonderful as I always imagined it would be. The bad news is that I will continue to want them to come on all my dates with me, because I was right: dates are more fun when they are there.


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