Ugly buildings and better

Once upon a time in high school...

Lisa:     Hey, Mom - can you take me to that boutique I drove past once with Dad?
Mom:   Umm...sure. Do you know what it's called?
Lisa:     No.
Mom:   Do you know how to get there?
Lisa:     No.
Mom:   Do you have any idea where it is?
Lisa:     It's somewhere in Baton Rouge by some big, ugly buildings.

She got us to the boutique, in case you were wondering.

Once upon a time last week...

Lisa:     Hey, Megan - what's that song called that says "better"?
Megan: Better?
Lisa:     Yes, better.
Megan: Any other words?
Lisa:     I can't remember. But the song won't get out of my head and it's frustrating because I only know one word. *hums tune and sings only the word "better"*
Megan: Oh! I know what song you're talking about. I can't think of what it is though. But it says "no    more."

Two more words = success. Carine later solved the mystery. It's Adele's "Send My Love (to your new lover)". I know all the words now.

I really appreciate all the Sherlocks in my life.


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