Life Lately

My life is good. Very good. I often kneel in wonder at all that God has blessed me with. He gets me. He knows I'm shy, but He does not let me use that as an excuse. Instead, He throws opportunities at me and asks me to  s t r e t c h  myself. Sometimes I think His plans for me are a little too big, but I figure He knows what He's doing.

Recently, I had the opportunity to go to lunch with the dean and a professor in my college. They wanted to talk about grad school and see how they could best support me through my last (*gulp*) year of my undergraduate education. Every time I start to doubt the bigger plans, He sends me someone who believes in me.

I also had the opportunity to go to the ceremonial signing of legislation declaring pornography a public health crisis in Utah, meet Governor Herbert and Senator Weiler, and have lunch with a lot of influential leaders in the fight against pornography. It was an amazing  opportunity and I made so many great connections. It was also great to catch up with people who I hadn't seen since WCF9, plus I got to sneak Greta into the meeting with the governor. 

In other news, Greta laughed so hard she peed her pants yesterday; BYU is reviewing how rape reports are handled to see if any structural changes should be made in light of concerns that have been all over the news lately; I had a Sodalicious problem, but don't worry - I'm back down to once a week; we made a goal to be more social outside of the apartment and we are totally killing it; I was awarded the "Life of the Party" award at work; I'm reading Quiet and it is so validating; I got my hair bleached a little baby bit (that actually happened a long time ago but I never blogged about it); my love affair with tuna casserole is still ongoing; I mostly killed my finals (*fingers are still crossed about history - I haven't seen the grade*); I bought a new squishy pillow and mattress topper and my bed has never been so comfortable; and we went to a Mat Kearney concert. I love him.


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