ATTENTION WORLD: I have BIG news. I have a new {favorite} book. We're talking Brene Brown status favorite. Quiet by Susan Cain has joined the ranks of books that have changed my life.

I watched the TedTalk months ago. I thought it was good, but it certainly wasn't Brene quality (I know, I know. I'm obsessed with her). Then Ian told me that I needed to read the book. I put it off. For months (what was I thinking?!).

As I read, I underlined and scribbled notes in the margin. It was not uncommon for me to practically jump up and down on my bed and yell out to my roommates "This book just gets me!!!"

The only bad part about the book? It was too short.
"Conclusion." Gross. I was so sad to get to that page.

So if you're an introvert and want to understand yourself better, I recommend this book. Or if you're an extrovert wanting to understand introverts. Or if you are absolutely anyone because this book is that good.


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