Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Carine: DTRer Extraordinaire

Carine's superhero power: radiating a "come talk to me about how my roommate feels about you" vibe.

Last fall, a boy had taken Greta on a couple dates. He wasn't sure if he should ask her out again, so what did he do? He went to Carine. Carine, who is very much in the know about all of our feelings, kindly suggested that the boy spend his time and money on someone more interested.

Fast forward to this summer. I had gone on a few dates with one of our good friends, but I wasn't feeling anything more than friendship. I was really starting to worry about how I was going to tell him I wasn't interested and still preserve the friendship (I have a history of going on dates and then just avoiding the boy for the rest of eternity...it's a problem). And then suddenly, all of my problems were solved: Carine DTRed with the boy. 

I'm still not sure how I got out of that one, but I really think it worked out perfectly. There is no awkwardness and the friendship was preserved. #Blessed

Also, have I mentioned that I recently discovered I have an avoidant attachment style when it comes to dating? I discovered this in my families theories class. I came home and told my roommates about my "discovery." They were not impressed. Evidently everyone knew about this long before me.

Also, Mom knows about my avoidant attachment too. I'm glad my prof finally clued me in.

Facebook Quizzes

The other day, I was avoiding writing a paper so I decided to see what was new in the world of Facebook. A bunch of my friends had recently taken a "How Old Are You?" quiz. I use the term quiz veryyyyy loosely, because you answer 0 questions. You just click a button and allow the quiz to look at your Facebook info/pictures. I would never post quiz results on Facebook as a matter of principle, but for posting Facebook quiz results on the blog? Totally okay.

Young heart, old soul, and on target body. Life is good.

Saturday, June 4, 2016

Someone pooped on my floor...NOT A JOKE.

I came home from class the other day to process (aka bawl my eyes out) after watching a devastating documentary. I was a bit of an emotional wreck, and then I saw it. There was poop. On the floor.

We don't have any pets. We don't have children. This was a human adult's poop. On my floor.

At first I thought it was a slug or something. There was no way there could be poop on the floor. Not my floor. Thankfully, I never touch unidentified objects with my hands. A sniff test confirmed my fears; this was in fact feces.

My tears and frustration with all that is wrong in the world (emotions from the documentary) were calmed as laughter took over. I must have laughed for an hour straight. Good, hard, belly laughing. Man, laughter does wonders for the soul.

Of course, I immediately sanitized the area and texted the roommate group text requesting that we all try to keep our poopies in the toilet.

The mystery remains as to how someone accidentally poops on the floor. We have our theories. We also have a sneaking suspicion as to the identity of the poop culprit. But, there is no way to gain conclusive evidence. Nor does it really matter to us. I mean, I guess it could happen to anyone (maybe).

While I do not recommend pooping on my floor the next time you want to cheer me up, I must admit that it was a perfectly timed turd.

Life is good.

Antelope Island Adventure

FACT: Salt Lake City is named after a lake. The Great Salt Lake. Today, after 3 years of living in Utah, I met the Great Salt Lake. She's smelly and very buggy, but she's also beautiful, buoyant, and has an abundance of flat rocks that are perfect for skipping.

We took a million pictures with the sign, because we didn't have a photographer so, naturally, we had to rotate so that everyone could have a picture with everyone.

Also, MEET MEGAN SHEEN! She's our favorite. I don't know how we haven't been best friends for our whole lives (I guess geography probably played a role in that...). Anyway, she's become very important in my life lately. 

Wisdom for future Great Salt Lake visitors:
  1. Bring chairs, not blankets/towels. The sand is pretty rocky.
  2. Leave your towel in the car. If you leave it on the beach, it will absorb salt and become quite crusty. Like, unusable crusty. Hard as a board crusty. Why did I even bother to bring a towel crusty.
  3. Pack a picnic, but eat at the picnic tables by the parking lot and not down by the water. There are too many bugs down there.
  4. Either bring a pool noodle to beat away the bugs at the water's edge or prepare to run REAL fast. There is a lovely lining of little bugs bordering the water. It might look like the sand is just darker there or it is plant debris, but rest assured that it is a million little flying bugs which will fly up and try to eat you when you walk through them.
  5. While floating, reach your hand down into the sand and you will find an endless supply of skipping rocks. Perfect shaped rocks + salty water = PERFECT for skipping rocks.
I love adventuring with the girls. They make my life so HAPPY.