Carine: DTRer Extraordinaire

Carine's superhero power: radiating a "come talk to me about how my roommate feels about you" vibe.

Last fall, a boy had taken Greta on a couple dates. He wasn't sure if he should ask her out again, so what did he do? He went to Carine. Carine, who is very much in the know about all of our feelings, kindly suggested that the boy spend his time and money on someone more interested.

Fast forward to this summer. I had gone on a few dates with one of our good friends, but I wasn't feeling anything more than friendship. I was really starting to worry about how I was going to tell him I wasn't interested and still preserve the friendship (I have a history of going on dates and then just avoiding the boy for the rest of's a problem). And then suddenly, all of my problems were solved: Carine DTRed with the boy. 

I'm still not sure how I got out of that one, but I really think it worked out perfectly. There is no awkwardness and the friendship was preserved. #Blessed

Also, have I mentioned that I recently discovered I have an avoidant attachment style when it comes to dating? I discovered this in my families theories class. I came home and told my roommates about my "discovery." They were not impressed. Evidently everyone knew about this long before me.

Also, Mom knows about my avoidant attachment too. I'm glad my prof finally clued me in.


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