I am a big fan of fireworks. Actually, I think I'm just a big fan of anything that lights up the dark. I love stars. I love twinkly lights. I love campfires. I love goodness. I love Jesus Christ.

Light in the darkness makes me feel warm and fuzzy. It's as if anything can happen.

July in Utah means fireworks all month long - starting with the 4th and continuing until the 24th (Pioneer's a thing here). My friends are absolute gems and have totally indulged me this month by taking me to at least one firework show every weekend. I think they're mostly entertained by how much I geek out over my love of fireworks.

This weekend's show in Spanish Fork was the PERFECT ending to a month of fireworks (we'll be out of town next weekend and miss all the Pioneer Day shows). It was hands down my favorite show this year. It was a "pyromusical," meaning the fireworks were synced to the music. Very cool.

Reenie videoed part of the show so that you can enjoy it. Just keep in mind that THIS WASN'T EVEN THE FINALE. The show was like this the ENTIRE time, and the finale was GOLDEN and PERFECT.


  1. ***Spanish Fork

    I just want to take this opportunity to say that I LOVE YOU, I'm glad you blogged and I'm extremely excited for our future adventures and lives. Also I've always loved fireworks, but they are even better with you. Wow that sounded way cheesier than it was in my head haha, but it is the TRUTH.

    1. Good call on which Fork we were in this weekend! Why does Utah have so many cities with the word Fork? LOVE YOU!


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