Growing Up

I had a good conversation with my brother last week in which he reminded me that I am (and have been for awhile) an adult. My adulthood is not contingent upon my graduation date, post-grad plans, or marital status. TRUTH. 

Since that conversation, I have really been embracing adulthood. Top 3 evidences:
  1. I made a dentist appointment.
  2. Instead of bringing the giant container of homemade fudge sauce to work, I brought a small container. And carrots. Because I think eating mass amounts of chocolate is fine if you also eat vegetables on the same day. Don't try to correct me on this point; I'm an adult danggit.
  3. I decided it is time to upgrade from cinder-block wall apartments. We are moving to the cutest house next month. Seriously. It is the most adorable thing ever. Exposed brick walls, white wood floors, clawfoot soon as we add twinkly lights it will be absolute PERFECTION. The house makes me feel more grown up, and the process leading to the decision to move and finding the house was absolutely drenched in revelation. God brought us to Elite last fall, and now He is leading us to this house. I won't go into all the details here, but Gretz mentioned that she might blog the whole story because it is really way too good to not have recorded somewhere. God knows us. He has a plan. He guides us. He is in control. That has been absolutely undeniable the past few days. Stay tuned for pictures next month!
There are smaller evidences, too. Like how I decided to start taking vitamins (which I forgot to take today, but that's besides the point). And I've been eating more fruits and veggies and tofu. I used to eat tofu in Eugene all the time. I weirdly love it. I made tofu pad thai the other day and Gretz tried it and learned that she doesn't hate tofu at all. Miracle. Mostly the increase in intake of vitamins and tofu are related to this fear I have that I don't eat enough protein and my hair is all going to fall out, and I'll be bald. It's an adult fear, so I guess that is further evidence of my adulthood.

Life doesn't always go according to my plans. I think that's a good thing.

Update: Greta blogged about the housing search! Yay for documenting the whole process! Read the story here.


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