Spiders...I can't

I'm pretty proud of myself for how far I've come in my relationship with spiders. I used to run, screaming in fear. And then I learned to stay and scream in fear until someone else came to kill it (which is super smart, because when you run sometimes the spider also runs and you lose it forever). Then I graduated to killing the spiders myself, still with lots of screaming. Lately, I've been killing the (far too many) spiders in my apartment without screaming. It's a big deal. Despite all my growth and preparation, yesterday morning's spider adventure was just too much.

It was on the wall when I first saw it. It was BIG. When I immediately reacted with screaming and tears, I knew this was too big for me to handle on my own. I sent out an SOS snapchat video of the spider. The spider crawled on to a paper bag, making it almost impossible to kill without getting real close. And I couldn't. Instead, I just stared at that spider. For probably 30 minutes. I sent Greta multiple tear filled videos explaining the situation I was in. I was going to be late for work, but I couldn't just leave it there!

Eventually, I rallied up the courage to trap the spider under a cup (by this point I was convinced it was the kind of spider that if you squish it a million baby spiders come out of it). Once I secured the spider under the cup and cut off all of its oxygen with duct tape, I decided it was safe to leave the spider and let it suffocate and die.

However, only moments after the spider was trapped, Jeff took his lunch break from work  and came to the rescue. Even though he thought I was being severely ridiculous, he followed my wishes to take the spider outside--far away in the parking lot--and kill it. He just might be my favorite person.

It took me a good half hour post-spider death to calm down enough to focus on anything else. It was a really traumatic experience.

I have since cleaned my room, searching for spiders, and drenched every crack and crevice in spider spray. I think we're good now. Fingers crossed.


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