Oh, Livia

I count Livia's name starting with an "L" as one of the greatest accomplishments of my first decade of mortality. I count her not hating me for having to explain that her name is Livia not Olivia to everyone she meets as one of the greatest accomplishments of decade #2.

Since the Livster is now ancient (14 years old), she flew out for a visit and her first EFY. Having her here was SO FUN. I was exhausted by the time she left because we had fun things from early in the morning until way too late at night every.single.day. We  didn't have time to squeeze in everything, but that's okay because she'll have plenty of time to explore P-town when she moves here in 4 years.

Casual kung-fu training.

I was very worried Liv wouldn't like any of my favorite Provo food places, but Slab Pizza was a winner! I was very impressed that my picky little sis even branched out and got an adventurous pizza: rosemary, bacon, potato.

Classic temple square. Also, can you believe we were there on a Saturday and we didn't even have to wait in a line of brides for this class picture spot?

Conference center with Gretz, Liv, and Ashlyn.

On the Conference Center roof with my not-so-little sister.


Embracing our inner nerd.

Creepy sister face swap.

Liv's locks = glorious

My parents think she's still VL, but I mean...I sent them this picture.

While Liv was here, we knocked off several of her bucket list items, Most notably, she finally got to go to Ikea (which is basically Livia heaven).

Mt. Timpanogos temple (because it has my favorite baptistry).

Cascade Springs


Train rides

Liv got the National Parks to sign her ticket.

I was majorly impressed by Liv's National Parks knowledge. She knew everyone's names and all the words to the songs. I'd say it was a pretty great sendoff. 

Last stop before the airport: East High. Because HSM = <3


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