Death by pride

My life is FULL of evidence that God is aware of me. He sends me exactly what I need, but sometimes my stubborn pride gets in the way.

Greta, Megan, and I went on a hike earlier this summer. It was just supposed to be a tiny baby hike, so we didn't bring water. However, we couldn't find the trail at first and ended up hiking up a mountain before realizing there was no way we were on the right trail. So we hiked back down and finally found the right trail. By this point (before we even started the real hike) we were hot and tired. The easy hike did not feel easy to our poor dehydrated bodies. 

While taking a break, a nice man approached us with a huge water bottle FULL of beautiful water. He asked if we needed some water, but our pride spoke before our survival instincts, and we declined the water. He hiked on, and we immediately regretted our decision. I silently wished for another hiker to offer us water, but I knew I was being taught a lesson.

We made it to the waterfall, cooled down, and on the way back we realized how short and easy the hike really was. We had made it a million times harder on ourselves by not being prepared and not accepting the help heaven sent.

It was really obvious that day that my pride got in the way of a beautiful blessing (water), but I can't help but wonder what less obvious blessings my pride blocks.


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