As one last roommate hurrah before we moved and Megan gets married, we took a road trip to California. 10/10 highly recommend.

HOWEVER, 10/10 also recommend that you check the weather before making the drive. Turns out if you don't check the weather/road conditions you might drive into a fire and get stuck in traffic for long amounts of time and then eventually find out the interstate is closed and have to turn around and add lots of time on to the road trip. But, I mean, sometimes traffic is fun. For example, we saw a man get out of the driver's seat and run across 3 lanes of traffic to pee on the side of the road. So, you know, it's not all bad.

We spent our first evening and the entire next day at Venice beach. I looooove the beach.

But do you know what I love MORE than the beach? Disneyland. Even the birds chirp more magically there. Everything is happy and beautiful and wonderful at Disneyland.

I was on a happy-high the entire day. I think I was running on straight happy-juice. I wanted to go go go all day (from park open to close). People keep asking what my favorite part was, but umm... ALL OF IT IS MY FAVORITE. I simply cannot choose. If I told you I had a favorite part, I'd be a liar.

Due to car trouble, Disney day 2 was postponed. BUT that is a blessing in disguise because now we are probably going to go back on my BIRTHDAY weekend/Megan's wedding weekend. How magical is THAT? 

Since we couldn't go to Disney, we spent the next day at Knott's Berry Farm - a super awesome roller coaster park. Since I recently rediscovered my love for roller coasters (Gretz and I went to Lagoon a few days before the California trip), I was excited and braved all the big coasters. We had a blast riding rides and convincing Reenie to flirt with the ride attendants.

These ladies have been game changers. College would not be the same without them. So glad God brought us all together freshman year!


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