The Darwin

We love our little Darwin House. It's the cutest. I'm learning a lot about relationships from this adorable place. Let me explain. 

I've recently been learning in several of my classes about commitment. When we are committed to something (I signed a year contract) our minds have great incentive to focus more on the good than the bad. We do this subconsciously (which is why we have less regret buying something if we can't return it). My love for this house gives me great hope that my little non-committal self will one day be perfectly happily married to a less than perfect man.

I love my house so much that...
  • The leaky roof is endearing. The sagging ceiling in the kitchen adds a lot of character.
  • It's a blessing really that the charming brick walls create a sandbox of brick dust in my bed. It helps motivate me to wash my bedding frequently, and I really do love the smell of freshly laundered bedding.
  • The holes in the walls and floors bring in a refreshing breeze, and I am loving getting to wear cozy clothes around the house. Sweatpants, leggings, flannels, sweatshirts, cozy's nice. It's almost like the house is putting me into cuddle clothes as a way of saying, "Thanks for loving me Lisa; have a snuggle."
  • Maybe I should always live in old houses. No matter how much you clean, things never quite look perfectly clean. WHAT A BLESSING! I simply cannot be a perfectionist in this house, so I really don't stress at all about what the house looks like.
  • I am really learning to love the buggies with whom we share our home. Not I'm-going-to-stop-killing-them sort of love, but more  I'm-not-as-scared-of-killing-them type love. 
See? The Darwin really is preparing me for the hubs. But really, I love this house. It is hands-down my favorite place I've lived in Provo.  


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