A Very Merry Unbirthday

Reen likes to start planning Halloween on November 1st. It's not surprising to receive a text from Reen at 3am on a July morning with a list of costume ideas. The girl takes Halloween seriously! I've never loved Halloween, but I love Reen and she reallllllly loves Halloween. So sometimes I catch a bit of her excitement. 

This year: Alice in Wonderland. Gretz was Alice, I was the Mad Hatter, and Carine was the Queen of Hearts. Oh, and Kira was a random pink chef. 

Do you know who else loves Halloween? Josh. He's a dress-up-for-school-type. So instead of my morning run on Halloween, I did his makeup. There is just something a little frightening about spending more time on your boyfriend's makeup for school than you do on your own. But he looked dang good, so... #WorthIt


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