Megsie Moreno

How did I not blog about Megsie and Best Friend's wedding?! #IHaveABoyfriendSoINeverBlogAnymore

We squeezed into the car (really...we squeezed - there were 5 of us and it was very snuggly, but we really like each other so it was all good) and headed down to San Diego for Megsie's wedding. 

The weather was perfect. The company was perfect. The ceremony was perfect. The sealer maybe messed up Megan's name a time or two, but I think the giggles made the ceremony all the more perfect. 

After 5 zillion hours of post-wedding pictures, we had a quick lunch, made a stop at a sketchy store to buy the newlyweds a gift, and headed to Riverside for the ring ceremony and reception. We were late (like...very late) to the ring ceremony but, lucky for us, they waited until we arrived to start. And then all of the groomsmen decided approximately 7 seconds before the ring ceremony that I needed to re-pin all of their flowers. And only me. No one else could do it. I was still pinning flowers when people started walking down the aisle. Luckily, I was towards the end.

It's weird that Megsie is married. I'm not the biggest fan of sharing her, but it was bound to happen. And if it had to happen, I'm glad it was to Best Friend. I can tell he's a good one. Evidence: he has not put up a fight at all about my insistence that we call each other Best Friend. Other evidence: he makes Megan so happy.


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