Cost of becoming the favorite aunt: $1

With three boys in the house, Joe and Kori felt they had reached their toy limit. They requested more useful gifts this Christmas, but sometimes you have to bend the rules just a little in order to be dubbed #1 Aunt. With Kori's permission, I got the boys the book "A Book With No Pictures." I think Joe enjoyed listening to Kori read the book (which has adults say silly things) just as much as the boys did! Not wanting the boys to have nothing to play with after opening presents, I grabbed a container of cornstarch and decided we could make some oobleck. 

In my imagination, making oobleck with the boys would consist of them sitting at the table, each with a bowl of oobleck goo in front of them. Pierson, however, decided it would be WAY more fun if we put the oobleck on the table. He also decided it would be WAY more fun to dump a lot of extra water in to make it more runny/messy. And just to top off the fun, he decided this activity could be best enjoyed from sitting on top of the table.

Not one to say no to my favorite boys, I promised Kori I would clean up the mess if she would just let them be as messy as they wanted. Because they are living in an old house they don't care about while in the process of building their dream home, Kori agreed. Crawford was a little unsure of getting messy at first, but he eventually joined his brothers on the table. By bath time, oobleck had made its way into 3 rooms and covered every surface in the dining room. But, more than once, the boys declared me their favorite aunt. WORTH IT.


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